Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

Sep 16 1996
September 16, 1996 - Washington and 11 other states today announced an agreement with four major retailers that will help clarify for consumers "Zero Interest/No Interest" advertisements.
Aug 23 1996
OLYMPIA - Washington Attorney General Christine Gregoire today supported President Clinton¹s proposal to regulate tobacco as an addictive drug.
Aug 15 1996
SPOKANE---Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced that a Nevada multi-level marketing company has agreed to stop exaggerating income claims to potential Washington distributors of its products.
Aug 1 1996
OLYMPIA, August 1, 1996 -- Washington Attorney General Christine Gregoire released a 71-page opinion today which clarifies various issues involving the management of millions of acres of trust lands which are used to benefit schools, universities and local government.
Jul 25 1996
SEATTLE -- The Attorney General today filed a lawsuit in Federal Court to stop a Georgia-based telemarketer from using deceptive prize promotions to "hook" Washington consumers into buying magazine subscriptions.
Jul 11 1996
OLYMPIA, July 11, 1996, Based on a review of the U.S. Supreme Court and 9th Circuit decisions, the Attorney General's Office has told Shelton-area legislators that planned public prayer at high school commencement programs would violate the state constitution.
Jul 9 1996
SEATTLE, July 9, 1996-- In an on-going crackdown against unscrupulous travel sellers, the Attorney General's Office today filed a lawsuit against Platinum Passport, Ltd., a Bellevue-based travel club.
Jul 3 1996
July 3, 1996 - The Attorney General's Office has filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court to appeal the 9th Circuit ruling that limited the application of Washington's ban on assisted suicide.
Jun 27 1996
SEATTLE -- Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced two charitable fundraisers have been ordered to pay nearly $100,000 for allegedly lying to obtain contributions for non-profit organizations
Jun 25 1996
SEATTLE Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced that Levitz Furniture Corporation has agreed to pay nearly $1.2 million to Washington and seven other states to settle claims for advertising deceptive discounts off its "regular" furniture prices.