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Statement from Washington State Attorney General’s Office Communications Director Peter Lavallee:  "I want to set the record straight:  Contrary to any insinuation by the Kim Wyman campaign, Attorney General Bob Ferguson played no role in the decision, the substance or the filing of today’s campaign-finance complaint.  Career Attorney General’s Office legal staff made those calls.
"The Wyman campaign might have missed this passage in our press release:  'Attorney General Bob Ferguson is recused and has been screened from involvement in the matter.'
"The following statement from the Wyman campaign is thus inaccurate and highly misleading, suggesting, as it does, personal involvement by the AG:  'I expect that the Attorney General will follow the PDC’s recommendation to treat this as a minor violation with extenuating circumstances, and that he is not pursuing this purely for political purposes.'
"I trust the Wyman campaign will draw the proper distinctions going forward."


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Peter Lavallee, Communications Director, (360) 586-0725; PeterL@atg.wa.gov