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OLYMPIA — Today, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler announced his plan to ensure net neutrality.

Wheeler’s proposal essentially entails regulating Internet Service Providers as utilities.

Last July, Attorney General Bob Ferguson sent a letter to Wheeler encouraging the FCC to take action on the subject and use the commission’s power to prevent Internet providers charging content providers for preferential treatment.

“I’m excited to see Chairman Wheeler lend his support to protecting an open Internet,” Ferguson said. “Net neutrality is essential to protecting consumers’ access to the content of their choice and maintaining the Internet as an open space for creativity, commerce and expression, regardless of the size and profitability of the content provider. I urge the other members of the commission to join the chairman in endorsing net neutrality.”

Net neutrality is the principle that all data should be treated equally by Internet Service Providers. Without it, providers could impose a tiered service system, where some companies pay to allow people to access their data more quickly. Providers could also slow down access to companies who don’t pay.

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