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Bob Ferguson


OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today endorsed the decision by the Federal Communications Commission to preserve net neutrality and protect the open Internet. 

The Commission voted 3-2 in favor of Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal to regulate Internet service providers as utilities.  The proposal adopted today includes new rules prohibiting Internet service providers from blocking content or charging content providers for preferential treatment such as speedier service and thereby creating unequal access to digital 'fast lanes.'

“This is a critical decision for consumers, businesses and the future of the Internet,” said Ferguson.  “Net neutrality is essential to a healthy economy.  It promotes fair market competition by promoting consumer choice and creating a level playing field for businesses.

“I commend the Commission’s determination to maintain the Internet as an open and equal space for creativity, commerce and expression for all.”

Protecting consumers and businesses is a top priority of Attorney General Ferguson, and net neutrality is a particularly important issue for Washington state.  Last July, Ferguson sent a letter to Wheeler encouraging the FCC to use the Commission’s power to prevent Internet providers from charging content providers for preferential treatment.


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