Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

Jun 5 2013

OLYMPIA— After an extensive investigation and litigation, the Attorney General’s Office today announced a settlement with Caicos Corporation for multiple violations of the state’s prevailing wage laws, resulting in a total payment of more than $64,000 plus $25,000 in interest to 14 misclassified workers.

“The Attorney General’s Office is proud to work with the Department of Labor & Industries to protect workers from wage shortages and to hold companies accountable in the marketplace,” said Attorney General Bob Ferguson. 

“When companies choose to skirt our state’s prevailing wage laws, they shortchange the workers they hire and gain an unfair competitive advantage over companies who play by the rules,” said Labor & Industries Director Joel Sacks.

From 2006 to 2009, Caicos Corporation served as the general contractor for the Point Hudson Marina reconstruction— a public works project for the Port of Port Townsend, subject to the requirements of Washington’s prevailing wage law. 

In 2007, L&I received a complaint alleging Caicos was failing to comply with prevailing wage requirements. The Department’s investigation revealed Caicos failed to:

  • Compensate at least 14 workers at the required prevailing wage rate for the correct classification of labor performed; and
  •  Pay overtime compensation at the rate of one and one-half times the prevailing rate of wage.

After extensive administrative and legal action, the Attorney General’s Office secured an agreement from Caicos Corp. and its surety to pay the state a total of $109,709.44 which includes:

  •  $64,097.74 in unpaid prevailing wages owed;
  •  Roughly $25,000 in interest; and
  •  Approximately $20,000 in fees and costs.

The check has been received and L&I will distribute the unpaid wages and interest to the 14 workers. 

“We are happy to collect all wages due to the workers, plus interest,” said Ann Selover, L&I Prevailing Wage Program Manager.

“The Attorney General’s Office and L&I have a history of working together to ensure a level playing field for workers and businesses that follow the rules,” Ferguson said. “I look forward to strengthening this relationship and making it clear that there is zero tolerance for businesses who fail to pay their employees what they earned and deserve under the law.”


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