Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

May 18 2015

OLYMPIA — Today, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s proposal to close a loophole in the Sexually Violent Predator statute to prevent the release of offenders who have not been rehabilitated.

The bill will address shortcomings in the current law by: (1) making any report or testimony offered by an expert on an offender’s behalf inadmissible unless the offender has participated in the state’s most recent annual review; and (2) defining treatment as the sex-offender specific treatment program at the Special Commitment Center.

“I am committed to protecting our communities from dangerous predators,” Ferguson said. “This update to our law gives our experts the tools they need to evaluate and treat sex offenders, and gives more incentive for offenders to participate in appropriate and effective treatment.”


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