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Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

The Washington Public Records Act (Act) is one of the strongest open government laws in the nation and reflects the desire of Washington citizens to know what their government is doing. Strong “sunshine laws” are crucial to assuring government accountability and transparency.  Since Washington voters approved the Public Disclosure Act more than 40 years ago, the legislature has added amendments to the Act and the Courts have issued numerous decisions interpreting the Act. The Attorney General is pleased to be able to offer the Public Records Act “University” to provide consultation assistance to Local Governments in their commitment to open government through compliance with the Act.

Locations & Dates

Spokane Campus
Spokane Convention Center
May 29, 2019

Registration is free
Click here to register for Spokane

Lynnwood Campus
Lynnwood Convention Center
June 18, 2019

Registration is free
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Space is limited to 400 Local Government representatives, including their legal counsel, for each location. If registration is full please register on the waiting list. We may be able to add participants. 




If you have any questions or need any assistance concerning the “University,” please contact the Local Government Consultation Program by email at praconsultation@atg.wa.gov or by telephone at (360) 586-0729.