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Bob Ferguson

Sep 2 2015
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit today against the U.S. Department of Energy and its contractor, Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) alleging that hazardous tank vapors at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, pose a serious risk to workers at the site.
Sep 1 2015
SEATTLE — Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced resolution of a consumer protection enforcement action today against the company Internet Order and its CEO Daniel Roitman for unfair and deceptive practices. The Philadelphia-based online company was accused of using deceptive “negative option” marketing tactics to lure consumers into purchasing language instruction courses in violation of the federal Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act (ROSCA) and the state’s Consumer Protection Act (CPA).
Aug 27 2015
OLYMPIA — Today in Nissen v. Pierce County, the Washington Supreme Court unanimously held that records on a public employee’s private cell phone can be “public records” and thus subject to disclosure.  The Court's decision largely agrees with an amicus, or "friend of the court," brief filed by the Attorney General's Office.
Aug 20 2015
SEATTLE —The Supreme Court of Washington today held that the City of SeaTac’s $15-an-hour minimum wage applies to workers at SeaTac airport, relying in part on arguments made by the office of Attorney General Bob Ferguson.  The state was not a party to the lawsuit but made the arguments in an amicus — or “friend of the court” — brief filed in the case. 
Aug 20 2015
OLYMPIA — The state Supreme Court today unanimously affirmed the conviction of Frederick Russell, who killed three people and nearly killed three others in a 2001 drunk-driving crash in Eastern Washington. The Attorney General’s Office prosecuted Russell and successfully defended his convictions before the Supreme Court.
Aug 20 2015
SEATTLE — With emotions running high today because of the three firefighter deaths in Washington State, Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington and the Washington State Attorney General’s Office strongly urge well-intended donors to use extreme caution before giving to wildfire relief efforts.
Aug 19 2015
SEATTLE — Today Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced that his office is taking action to combat illegal immigration services and crack down on “notario” fraud.  The AG’s Office filed legal actions involving four separate entities engaged in scams targeting immigrant consumers in Washington. Ferguson also announced a $125,000 grant to prevent immigration services fraud and ensure immigrant consumers have greater access to legal assistance.
Aug 19 2015
SEATTLE — Hoy, el Procurador General Bob Ferguson anunció que su oficina está tomando acciones para combatir servicios ilegales de inmigración  y acabar con el fraude “notario”.  La oficina del Procurador emprendió acciones judiciales contra cuatro empresas involucradas en manejos fraudulentos contra los inmigrantes de Washington. Ferguson también anunció una subvención de $125,000 para prevenir el fraude de los servicios de inmigración y garantizar que los inmigrantes tengan mejor acceso a la asistencia legal. 
Aug 18 2015
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today joined 47 other state attorneys general and the District of Columbia in a $71 million agreement resolving allegations that Amgen, Inc. unlawfully promoted two medications for uses and doses not approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration.
Aug 18 2015
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced that a King County Superior Court judge has ordered a student loan processing company that unlawfully charged borrowers to pay back its Washington victims.