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2016-17: The Attorney General's Office has begun the process to update the Public Records Act Model Rules in WAC 44-14. Here are more details: CR-101

AGO Public Records Fee Schedule Rule
Request AGO Public Records
2016-17 Activity: CR-103E, CR-101

AGO Public Record Model Rules
Model Rules on Public Disclosure
2016-17 Activity: CR-101, CR-102

You can read and comment on the proposed Public Records Act Model Rules amendments to chapter 44-14 WAC (the CR-102 Proposed Rule Making notice and proposed rule amendments) during the formal comment period.

To submit written comments on the proposed amendments you can:

  • Send a letter to Nancy Krier, Assistant Attorney General for Open Government, Office of the Attorney General, PO Box 40100, Olympia, WA 98504-0100.
  • Email Nancy Krier.
  • Submit comments in this online form.

Advance written comments will be received no later than September 29, 2017; written and oral comments will also be accepted at the October 4, 2017 public hearing.  See the CR-102 linked above for hearing location and time.

Public comments regarding the CR-102 are public records under RCW 42.56.  Copies of advance public comments received regarding the CR-102 will be posted here: [8/24-8/31, 9/1-9/22, 9/23-9/30, 10/1-10/4].


Lemon Law
Lemon Law
2016-17 Activity: CR-101, CR-102

Medicaid Fraud
Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
2016-17 Activity: CR-101, CR-102, CR-103P


This report details the anticipated rulemaking activities for the Attorney General’s Office.  If you have any questions regarding this report or the Attorney General’s rulemaking activities, please contact Melissa Brearty at (360) 534-4849.

Rules Agenda - July 2017

Rules Agenda - January 2017

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Prior Rulemaking
Lemon Law 2009


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