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AGO 1957 No. 51 >  April 22, 1957
SCHOOLS ‑- DISTRICT REORGANIZATION (1) If an order adjusting assets and liabilities of school districts affected by a transfer of territory is entered after March 1 of a given year, the order may properly transfer to the district to which the territory is transferred, a sum of money equivalent to the money raised by tax levies for the ensuing school year on property within the territory transferred.  (Subject to limitations)  (2) If money is transferred from one district to another by reason of a transfer of territory money transferred from the general fund, the building fund and the bond redemption fund must be credited to the general fund, building fund and bond redemption fund, respectively, of the receiving district. (3) An order transferring territory from one school district to another entered after March 1 of a given year cannot be given a retroactive effect so as to circumvent RCW 84.08.160. (4) After an order transferring territory and adjusting assets and liabilities has been entered, it may not be reconsidered and modified.
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