Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

Diversity is critical to the success of the mission of the AGO.   It is the recognition, respect and appreciation of all cultures and backgrounds and the fostering of the inclusion of differences between people.  These differences include age, race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or veteran’s status, and all other differences, including differences in philosophy.  Appreciating, valuing and implementing principles of diversity permits AGO employees to achieve their fullest potential in an inclusive, respectful environment.  The core values of the AGO are served by a strong commitment to the value of diversity and by promoting an inclusive workplace.


The Office of the Attorney General will provide excellent, independent, and ethical legal services to the State of Washington and protect the rights of its people.


The Office of the Attorney General will be the best public law office in the United States.


All staff in the Office of the Attorney General are guided by the following core values: 

  1. We will deliver high quality legal services and remember that we serve the people of Washington.
  2. We will conduct ourselves with integrity, professionalism, civility, and transparency.
  3. We will promote a collegial, diverse and inclusive workplace that values, respects, and supports our employees.

Staff are encouraged to participate in and support the AGO’s diversity efforts, including participation in at least two hours of diversity training or activities during each calendar year.  Staff are responsible for creating and maintaining a respectful and welcoming work environment, acting within the law, and for complying with this policy.

The Attorney General has created a Diversity Advisory Committee (“DAC”).  The DAC shall promote diversity and inclusion within the AGO by serving as a resource to management and others on diversity issues, providing assistance on recruitment and retention efforts and providing education, training and programs to promote awareness.  

The Human Resources Office shall assist management in its diversity efforts by tracking and reporting progress as defined and requested by the Core Leadership Team.

Division managers shall ensure that division staff attend available diversity training within one year of appointment.  Division managers shall attend periodic management-related diversity training as provided by the AGO.  Each geographical location shall sponsor at least one diversity-related program each calendar year.  Divisions are encouraged to sponsor diversity events within the division or in conjunction with other divisions.  The Core Leadership Team and divisions shall track appropriate diversity measures through AGMAP.