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If you live in Washington and purchased products or services from a business that is subject to a consumer protection court order or settlement, you may be eligible for a refund or other relief restitution.

In some cases, consumers must submit valid claims in order to receive payment.  In other situations, payment is sent directly to eligible consumers whose contact information is on file with the company or the Attorney General’s Office.  Cases that require refund or other relief to consumers are listed below – click on the links for more information and how to submit a claim.

State of Washington v. Peter Cook and Carolyn Cook
Snohomish County Superior Court, Case No. 15-2-04345-3

Background: Peter Cook and Carolyn Cook doing business as C & C Consulting (collectively, the “C&C”) claimed to help clients navigate applications for state and federal need based programs – namely, Medicaid and U.S. Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance benefits.  C&C provided these services to approximately 473 clients since 2008.  The State filed a lawsuit claiming that C&C violated the Washington Consumer Protection Act by making deceptive representations to Washington consumers as part of their consulting services to those seeking state and federal needs based benefits.  To resolve the lawsuit, the State entered into a Consent Decree with C&C that was approved the Court.  The Consent Decree provides for payments to C&C’s former clients who state they were subject to unfair or deceptive practices by Peter Cook or Carolyn Cook.

Eligibility: Potential victims will be mailed a claim form at the address provided to the State by C&C Consulting. The refund amount each consumer will receive is based on the total number of claimants and will be awarded on a pro rata basis. Consumers must return the claim form by the date specified on the claims form.

Claimants may find additional details regarding the lawsuit by clicking on the links below: