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Elderly ripped off by relatives

Elderly ripped off by relatives

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KXLY-TV in Spokane ran a report a few weeks ago about a 92-year-old Idaho man whose house was sold out from under him and nearly $50,000 stolen from his bank accounts. The woman responsible was a relative. (Press play on the video below to watch the story.)

Here in Washington, our state’s Adult Protective Services program received more than 13,000 reports of abuse, abandonment, neglect, self-neglect and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults in 2006 alone. The program received more reports of alleged financial exploitation than any other kind of mistreatment.

Attorney General Rob McKenna will announce aggressive new proposals to protect our state’s vulnerable adults – the elderly and those with mental or physical disabilities – during a press conference Tuesday in Seattle. King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Department of Social and Health Services Assistant Secretary Kathy Leitch will also be there.

You can help. Learn to recognize the signs of financial abuse:

  • Unauthorized ATM withdrawals.
  • Missing checks or forged signatures on checks or documents.
  • Loans against equity in property or life insurance policies.
  • Unpaid bills.
  • New "best friends" or the sudden appearance of previously uninvolved relatives.

Anyone suspecting the abuse of a vulnerable adult is urged to call the state’s toll-free phone number, 1-866-ENDHARM (1-866-363-4276).

Posted by AGO Blog Moderator at 09/11/2008 12:42:40 PM | 

All cash accounts owned by my 101 year old father were changed to joint and payable at death to my two sisters. One had a power of attorney. This was done even though his "will" stated that the siblings were to share equally. All transfers were secret.At the anniversary of his death, I asked that I start receiving my share. I was told that I had no cash. I live on the East coast; and my dad and two sisters live on the West coast.We are all seniors with graduate degrees. How did greed become so important?
Posted by: Gearline Draper Young ( Email ) at 1/5/2009 10:32 PM

Yes. My sisters wheeled my Mother into her local bank on the way to the hospital. She closed her old account and opened a new one. The purpose was I believe to hide evidense of unpaid loans and fraud conversion. My handicapped brother is without money, lives with me and is in danger of living with the very people who exploited him and his Mother. Wa state APS was sent to my door with accusations of financial abuse against me. It was found to be bogus but the abusers can"t be held accountable by APS.Their hands are tied so of course this behavior has become a means by which the guilty continue to intimidate and harrass inquiring family members. Thanks to not having records made available to us immediately, these are some of the things we endure.Attorney fees would be mounting but my husband is an attorney himself. Still, it's a lot of timeaway from the practise. We had to find someone to track the assets. All because the person who was on the account originally isn't allowed to look at the records. The people who can"t hire the attorneys often just walk away. Our fees would be at about 20,000 right now. Luckily , my husband is an attorney.
Posted by: Susan ( Email ) at 9/25/2009 5:38 PM

Yes, how well I know. I have been doing a lot of the paper trails my-self and obtaining documents through the FOIA. My largest stone was the PA in the county I reside did not feel this was a crime nor would schedule a meeting with me. The police report has to many errors even though it has been proven in the forenic dept in Mi my signature's were forged. I have a Legal Service and Pro Bono attorney's but as on writer writes it's very time consuming and it will costs money in the end of it all.
Posted by: Kit ( Email ) at 12/4/2009 10:04 AM

I am 57 yo woman and just lost my best friend. We were friends for close to three years, but became roommates 2 years ago when she came out of the hospital and her temporary stay turned into us finding a larger place for comfort. My friend had severe emotional problems, which I only found out after tending to her 24/7. Her son, daughter-in-law and 4 grandchildren only live 20 minutes away. However, they only responded to her requests for visits on Thangsgiving and Christmas. These last 2 holidays were missed because her son said they were celebrating with friends and the in-laws. I became my friend's official caregiver last June. The day after my friend died her son and some other man came to the house and tried to intimidate me into letting him in to "gather some personal property and financial papers. Upon advice I did't let themin. She died without a will. I never thought a family member could ever be so direspectful of both my friend and the law. He continues with threats.......This has been a lesson for the future for me!!!!
Posted by: Donna J. Worthy ( Email ) at 1/20/2010 11:57 PM

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