Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

Consumer Protection:

  • Expanding Access to Affordable Healthcare (Prime Sponsor: Simmons: D-23) HB 1616 - View full PDF one pager
    • Increases income eligibility threshold for charity care up to 400% of the federal poverty level to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs for care received at hospitals or affiliated clinics


  • Equity on Task Forces (Prime Sponsor: C. Wilson: D-30SB 5793 - View full PDF one pager
    • Allow agencies, boards, and commissions to compensate low-income and underrepresented community members with relevant lived experience for their participation in state task forces and work groups.

Public Safety and Criminal Justice:

  • Banning the Sale of High Capacity Magazines (Prime Sponsor: Liias: D-21 / Valdez: D-46) SB 5078/HB 1164 - View full PDF one pager
    • As the Ninth Circuit recognized: “Shooters who use large-capacity magazines cause significantly more deaths and injuries than those shooters who are equipped with magazine of smaller capacity.” 
  • Banning the Sale of Assault Weapons (Prime Sponsors: Kuderer: D-48 / Peterson: D-21) SB 5217/HB 1229 - View full PDF one pager
    • This legislation will ban the sale of military-style assault weapons in Washington state.
  • Death Penalty Repeal (Prime Sponsor: Carlyle: D-36) SB 5047 - View full PDF one pager
    • This legislation will repeal Washington’s death penalty. On Oct. 11, 2018, the Washington Supreme Court found that Washington’s use of the death penalty is “racially biased,” “arbitrary” and “lacks ‘fundamental fairness.’ ”

Tribal Affairs: 

  • Free Prior and Informed Consent (Prime Sponsor: Stanford: D-1) SB 5298 - View full PDF one pager
    • Requires Free, Prior and Informed Consent anytime the AGO initiates a program or project that will have an impact on a specific Tribe(s), Tribal lands and/or historic sites. 
    • This is narrow in application and relates only to the projects and programs under the AG’s Independent Authority. 
  • Honoring Off-Reservation Treaty Rights and State-Tribal Cooperative Agreements (Prime Sponsors: Van De Wege: D-24 / Lekanoff: D-40, Joint Request with WDFW) SB 5199/HB 1172 - View full PDF one pager
    • Repeals RCW 77.110
  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women/People Alert (Prime Sponsor: Lekanoff: D-40HB 1725 - View full PDF one pager 
    • Creates a public safety alert, similar to Silver Alert for missing indigenous women and people.