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Each month our office receives more than 2,000 emails asking for help or information. We have found that many of the constituent inquiries fall into the same categories. In some cases, these inquiries can more efficiently be handled by the agency that specializes in the area of the complaint.  In order to help serve you in a more timely manner, we have provided answers to the most asked questions in each of these categories in Help by Topic.

State law prohibits the Attorney General, deputy attorneys general, and assistant attorneys general from engaging in the private practice of law.  This means that they cannot represent private citizens in court either to bring an action on behalf of an individual, or to defend an individual. Any private citizen needing such representation should consult a private attorney. 

Per the state's public records act, please be aware that all correspondence submitted to the Attorney General's Office is subject to public disclosure.

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The Washington Attorney General’s Office will provide a waiver or acknowledgment of personal service of original service of process of a Summons and Complaint only after actual receipt of the Summons and Complaint at the following email address: serviceATG@atg.wa.gov. This waiver or acknowledgement of personal service applies only to suits against the State of Washington, its state agencies and state officials sued in their official capacities. The AGO does not agree to waive original service of process for individually named defendants. The waiver or acknowledgment of personal service is effective on the date issued, not on the date the Summons and Complaint were emailed or received by email. Waiver or acknowledgement of personal service through this process will come in the form of an email authored by an Assistant Attorney General specifically acknowledging the receipt of the Summons and Complaint.  An “auto-reply” from the service email address does not serve as a waiver or acknowledgment of personal service.    

DO NOT USE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS FOR DELIVERY OF ANY OTHER FILING RELATED TO ONGOING LITIGATION OR FOR GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE AGO. For delivery of any other filing (except an original Summons and Complaint) related to ongoing litigation, contact the assigned AAG. For consumer complaints, constituent contacts or requests for public records, consult the AGO website at www.atg.wa.gov. This waiver is effective until further notice and may be amended or updated as circumstances require.