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Vendor Education – Email Scam and Phishing Prevention

Email scams and online phishing attempts continue to increase in frequency. We are aware of recent attempts to mislead vendors who we conduct business with. We interpret these as attempts to initiate a scam on our vendors by using a misleading domain name to send emails that appear to come from the Office of the Attorney General.

For more information including prevention tips click here.


Statewide Vendor Payment Registration

Vendors, grantees and other partners receiving payment from the Office of the Attorney General must be registered in the Statewide Vendor Payment System. The Washington State Office of Financial Management maintains the Statewide Vendor Payment System.  Registration materials can be found on line at Statewide Vendor/Payee Services | Office of Financial Management or by contacting the Statewide Payee Desk at (360) 407-8180.  Payees are encouraged to use direct deposit for receiving payments.  Please keep in mind that payment forms need to be submitted directly to the Office of Financial Management, and not to the Office of the Attorney General.


Register in WEBS

Washington’s Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) is the bid notification system Washington State Agencies are required to use to post solicitations. Political subdivisions and higher educations are not required to use WEBS to post solicitation opportunities; however, many voluntarily use the system.

Vendors are encouraged to register in WEBS to see solicitation opportunities.  Please review the Vendor Manual for instructions on how to register and navigate WEBS.  There is no fee associated with registering and once registered WEBS will send email notices to vendors of future bidding opportunities for any of the commodity codes the vendor selected.

The Attorney General’s Office posts its solicitations on WEBS.  Only vendors registered in WEBS can submit a bid. 

WEBS Vendor Registration

WEBS Vendor Manual 


Supplier Diversity

The Office of the Attorney General fully supports promoting the procurement of goods and services from Washington small, diverse and veteran-owned businesses and is committed to taking actions to enhance business opportunities with those businesses. 

Learn more about becoming a state or federal certified firm to boost your potential for conducting business with government entities.

  • Veteran and Service Member Owned Business Participation and Certification: The AGO encourages the participation of Veteran and Service Member Owned Business certified by the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs. For more information on certification, contact WDVA.
  • Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises - MWBE Participation and Certification: The AGO encourages the participation of Minority & Women's Business Enterprises either self-identified or certified by the Office of Minority & Women's Business Enterprises - OMWBE. For more information on certification, contact OMWBE.

Other resources:

For questions about supplier diversity or contracting opportunities with the Office of the Attorney General, please contact:

Marci Phillips
AGO Supplier Diversity Leader & Contracts Administrator
Phone: (360) 819-0329
Email:  marci.phillips@atg.wa.gov.


Sole Source Contracts

Per Policy DES-140-00 and RCW 39.26.140, as of January 1, 2013, all state agencies entering into sole source contracts are required to post the contracts to a publicly accessible website.

Posting Date Prospective contractor Brief description Intended duration Projected value




Active Solicitations

AGO Solicitation No. WEBS Reference No. Solicitation Title Description Posting Date Closing Date Solicitation Coordinator
#23-01 50985

HearMeWA Program Branding, Marketing and Website Creation



Attachment A

Attachment B

Attachment C

Attachment D

Attachment E

Attachment F

Attachment G

Attachment H

Attachment I

Attachment J

AMENDMENT #01 – RFP #23-01

AMENDMENT #2 - RFP #23-01

Development, production and distribution of public service announcements and paid advertising for, including but not limited to, music streaming services, video/steaming, multimedia and social media 8/25/2023 10/9/2023

Megan Clark

Contract Specialist 2

Email: contracts@atg.wa.gov

#22-06 49075 WA Youth Safety & Wellbeing Tipline In 2019, the Legislature tasked the AGO to convene stakeholders and explore the possibility of creating a statewide youth safety and wellbeing tipline in WA. This group conducted research and made recommendations on creating a tipline in WA. In the 2021 legislative session, language was added to the AGO’s budget directing the AGO to develop a youth safety and well-being tipline program. 11/08/2022 01/20/2023 5:00 PM PST

Megan Clark

Contract Specialist 2

Email: Contracts@atg.wa.gov

Please find the full solicitation, solicitation documents and bid instructions available in WEBS: https://pr-webs-vendor.des.wa.gov/. Please visit the link to register you and/or your business in Washington’s Electronic Business Solution for Vendors. Vendors not registered in WEBS will not receive updates or amendments to the solicitation, which could disadvantage your bid.


AGO Procurement Bids and Bid Awards

Transparency in public procurement is necessary to ensure the highest ethical standards and accountability, ensure open and fair competition, and promote public review of contract and procurement documents. A transparent procurement process promotes public confidence and encourages participation of the business community to meet the state’s purchasing needs.  Confidential material may be redacted. (See Supplier Diversity Policy – DES-090-06.)

Project Title Service Type Service Description Procurement Apparent Successful Bidder *

Bid Documents

(Note: Unless exempt from disclosure, the AGO will publicly post awarded bid(s) and bid award documents for all competitive procurements posted on or after 4/1/23.)

* The AGO will determine the Apparent Successful Bidder (“ASB”). The ASB will be the responsive and responsible Bidder(s) that best meet(s) the procurement requirements and present the best total value, including pricing and budget, and other factors as set forth in this RFP, including any applicable state procurement priority or preference. Designation as an ASB does not imply that the AGO will issue an award for a Contract. Rather, this designation allows the AGO to perform further analysis and ask for additional documentation. The Bidder must not construe ASB designation as an award, impending award, attempt to negotiate, etc. If a Bidder acts or fails to act as a result of such notification or designation, it does so at its own risk and expense.


Procurement Forecasting

AGO Procurement Forecasting*

(Direct any questions to contracts@atg.wa.gov)

Project Title

Service Type

Service Description

Anticipated Procurement Method

Estimated Spend


Estimated Solicitation Release Date Other Information
Legal Matter Management Replacement Professional Services and/or IT Complete replacement of existing legal matter management system. Request for Proposal Unknown 2023  


*The above information is based on the best information available at the time. The forecast data is for planning purposes only, does not represent a pre-solicitation synopsis, does not constitute an invitation for bid, and is not a solicitation by the AGO to procure goods or services. All projected procurements are subject to revision or cancelation.



AGO Routinely Purchased Items

The AGO routinely purchases the below items. Certified OMWBE or veteran owned businesses selling these items are encouraged to contact the AGO Contracts and Purchasing Unit at contracts@atg.wa.gov or purchasing@atg.wa.gov

AGO Routinely Purchased Items

  • Chargers (car, laptop, phone)


  • Flash Drives/Thumb Drives
  • Noise Canceling Headphones


  • Cameras, Video Cameras, Camera Accessories
  • Footrests


  • Portable Printers and Label Printers


  • Computer Cables and Adapters
  • ID Badge Holders and Cards (reels and lanyards)
  • Privacy Filters


  • Desktop Organizers and Accessories
  • Ink Cartridges and Toner


  • Space Heaters


  • Docking Stations
  • Internal Hard Drives
  • Tablet Stands


  • Easel Paper
  • IPhone Accessories (case, screen protectors, charging cords, etc.)
  • Trash Cans/Recycling Bins


  • Emergency Supplies (flashlights, first aid kits, hard hats, glow sticks, etc.)
  • Laptop Bags and Surface Sleeves


  • USB Ports


  • Extension Cords, Surge Suppressors,  and Power Strips
  • Laptop Stands and Risers


  • Webcams


  • First Aid Supplies (face masks, gloves, bandages, etc.)
  • Mice, Keyboards


  • White Boards



AGO Supplier Diversity Outreach Events

Outreach is an essential component of ensuring supplier diversity, building relationships, and promoting contracting opportunities in partnership with other state agencies, nonprofits, and other business or appropriate industry organizations.  The AGO anticipates attending the following events in 2023.

 (See Supplier Diversity Policy – DES-090-06.)

Outreach Events 2023

Date Event Description


Procurement Complaint and Protest Procedures

Competitive solicitations posted to WEBS will include AGO complaint and protest procedures in compliance with RCW 39.26.170, and in substantially the same form as can be found here. If you have any questions, please email: contracts@atg.wa.gov.


Interlocal Agreements

Chapter 39.34 RCW, the Interlocal Cooperation Act, provides the authority for Washington State agencies to contract with other governmental entities. This law includes a requirement for either filing Interlocal agreements with county recording offices or alternatively listing by subject on the agency's web site.  The AGO’s Interlocal agreements are set forth below.

Contract# End Date Government Entity Short Description  
'K94 No End Washington State Patrol  Virtual Private Network Services  
K82 No End WA State Administrative Office of the Courts Access to Judicial Information System (JIS-Link)  
K708 No End WA State Department of Enterprise Services Customer Services  
K13721 No End Department of Enterprise Services Master Contract Usage Agreement  
K12587 No end Washigton State Department of Social and Health Services MOU - DSHS  
K7704 No End King County Bar Association Legal Services  
K10026 No End WA State Department of Licensing Agency System Access  
K8749 No End United States Marshall  Training Supplies  
K8863 9/30/2025 WATech Service Level Agreement (SLA) Website Design/Development Services   
K12237 9/30/2024 US Department of Justice SAKI Grant IAA  
K12238 9/30/2024 US Department of Justice SAKI Grant IAA  
K9957 6/30/2024 Washington State Patrol  Security Services  
K11220 No end Washington State Patrol  WSP Acess User Agreement  
K9969 11/4/2024 Washington State Health Care Authority  MOU - Medicaid Fraud   
K10681 No End WA State Department of Enterprise Non-Disclosure Agreement   
K10682 No End WA State Department of Enterprise Non-Disclosure Agreement   
K10475 3/31/2025 WA State Department of Labor & Industries  Everlaw Data Storage and Services  
K10500 No End Washington State Patrol  Access to CJIS Systems  
K10626 9/30/2024 Washington State Patrol  SAKI Grant IAA  
K12239 9/30/2024 The Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs SAKI Grant IAA  
K11295 6/30/2024 Washington Staet Department of Transportation eDiscovery storage solutions  
K11518 6/30/2024 Washington State Department of Revenue eDiscovery storage solutions  
K11780 No end Washington State Patrol  Access Agreement/ User Acknowledgement  
K12101 6/30/2024 Utilities and Transportation Commission eDiscovery storage solutions  
K12676 6/30/2024 Washington State Auditor's Office Data Sharing Agreement   
K12675 No end Washington State Auditor's Office SAO Accountability Audit  
K12999 6/30/2024 Washington Staet Department of Enterprise Services DES Real Estate Services  
K12892 6/30/2024 Washington State Department of Ecology eDiscovery storage solutions  
K12839 No end Washington State Department of Licensing Non-Disclosure Agreement   
K12842 No end Utilities and Transportation Commission MOU- UTC  
K12936 6/30/2024 Washington State Department of Corrections eDiscovery storage solutions  
K13064 12/31/2024 Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Evidentiary Assistance Agreement  
K13061 No end Washington State Department of Licensing Safety Protocols  
K13164 6/13/2024 Administrative Office of the Courts Legal Services- reports  
K14159 12/31/2023 University of Wyoming MMWIP data and research support  
K10529 4/30/2025 Employment Security Department Data Sharing Agreement   
K13752 4/18/2023 Department of Enterprise Services Training Services  
K13804 11/22/2023 Caseload Forecast Council Data Sharing Agreement   
K13930 12/31/2023 Department of Enterprise Services Alteration Services  
K14088 12/31/2023 Yakima County Technology Services  
K14360 3/31/2024 Department of Enterprise Services Real Estate Services  
K14587 6/30/2025 Department of Enterprise Services Torts Legal Services  
K14698 6/30/2025 Washington State Department of Transportation Legal Services   
K14767 6/30/2025 Washington State Department of Reveue Legal Services  
K15033 6/30/2025 Washington State Office of Financial Management Legal Serivces  
K15034 5/31/2024 South Puget Sound Community College SharePoint Administration