Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson


  • My Health My Data Act​ (Prime sponsors: Dhingra, D-45, Slatter, D-48) SB 5351HB 1155 - View full PDF one pager
    • Increases data privacy protections in the wake of the Dobbs Supreme Court decision and empowers Washingtonians with more control over their health data. Prohibits those collecting health data – such as health tracking apps and websites – from collecting and sharing health data without consent, and prohibits “geo-fencing” around health care facilities, among other reforms.
  • Extreme Heat Utility Shutoff Moratorium (Prime sponsors: Nguyen, D-34, Mena, D-29) SB 5366 / HB 1329 - View full PDF one pager
    • Prohibits utility providers from discontinuing electric service and drinking water to residential customers during days of extreme heat. 
  • Protecting the Whistleblower Provision of the Medicaid False Claims Act (Prime sponsor: Rivers, R-18) SB 5163 - View full PDF one pager
    • Repeals the sunset provision applied to whistleblower sections of the Medicaid False Claims Act, permanently authorizing the provisions of the act that incentivize Washingtonians to help the AGO and the State protect taxpayer dollars and precious Medicaid resources. Unanimously recommended by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee.


  • Firearm Industry Responsibility & Gun Violence Victims’ Access to Justice Act (With Gov. Inslee. Prime sponsors: Pedersen, D-43, Hackney, D-11) SB 5078 / HB 1130 - View full PDF one pager
    • Requires firearm industry members to establish, implement, and enforce reasonable controls regarding the manufacture, sale, distribution, importing, use, and marketing of firearm-related products. A violation of this bill is a violation of the Consumer Protection Act. 
  • Banning the Sale of Assault Weapons (With Gov. Inslee. Prime Sponsors: Kuderer, D-48; Peterson, D-21) SB 5265 / HB 1240 - View full PDF one pager 
    • Prohibits the sale, manufacture, transport, and import of assault weapons in Washington state while allowing reasonable exemptions for law enforcement and the military. The legislation does not prohibit the possession of assault weapons.


  • Replealing Unconstitutional Statutes in State Law (Prime Sponsor: Pedersen, D-43) SB 5087 / HB 1090 - View full PDF one pager 
    • Removes language from the Revised Code of Washington that has been identified by the justices of the state Supreme Court or judges of the superior courts as defects and omissions in the laws pursuant to Article IV section 25 of the Washington state Constitution, including repealing Washington’s death penalty.


  • Provide B&O Tax Relief for Local Newspapers (Prime sponsors: Mullet, D-5; Pollet, D-46) SB 5199 / HB 1206 - View full PDF one pager
    • Eliminates the Business & Occupation tax for newspaper publishers and printers. It also extends the same rate to purely online, professional news outlets that provide a similar public benefit as printed papers.


  • Establishing the Missing or Murdered Indigenous Women & People Cold Case Unit (Prime sponsors: Dhingra, D-45; Lekanoff, D-40) SB 5137 / HB 1177 - View full PDF one pager
    • Creates a cold case investigations unit within the Office of the Attorney General for the primary purpose of assisting local and tribal law enforcement agencies to solve cold cases involving missing and murdered indigenous women and people. Unanimously recommended by the Washington State Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & People Task Force.


  • Strengthening Warranties for Used Cars (Prime sponsor: Hackney, D-11; Kaiser, D-33) HB 1184 / SB 5610 - View full PDF one pager
    • Creates a used vehicle warranty that applies to cars that cost at least $700 and have fewer than 125,000 miles. Under this warranty, which cannot be waived, the consumer is entitled to repairs if the vehicle breaks down shortly after purchase.
  • Robocall Scam Protection Act (Prime sponsor: Leavitt, D-28) HB 1051 - View full PDF one pager
    • Strengthens and modernized Washington’s anti-robocalling law by updating the definition of automatic dialing and making it a violation of the Consumer Protection Act to robocall someone on the Do Not Call Registry, and to knowingly facilitate illegal robocalls if you are a voice service provider.


  • Creating an Organized Retail Crimes Unit (Budget Request) View full one-pager
    • The Attorney General’s Office has requested funding to create an Organized Retail Crimes Unit within the office to assist local, state and federal law enforcement investigate organized retail crime, including coordinating investigations across multiple jurisdictions.