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The Attorney Generals Office has an excellent compensation package to offer which consists of the following:
Performance Management Program

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) is committed to maintain a performance-based culture at all levels.  This culture has proven to promote productivity and link employee expectations with organizational goals so that employees can deliver effective services to customers.  The purpose of the AGO Performance Management Program is to enhance performance, accountability and productivity and when possible, provide recognition to employees in a manner that is directly related to their level of effort and success in meeting established objectives.

The program was designed to:

  • Provide incentives for continuous performance improvement and for achieving and sustaining a measured level of performance.
  • Attract and retain employees who meet or exceed performance goals.
  • Recognize and acknowledge performance achievements and accomplishments on an agency-wide basis.
  • Engage employees in their own performance and how it relates to the performance of the agency as defined in the agency mission, vision, values and strategic plan.
  • Strengthen performance through accountability of individual expectations.

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