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This story shows the importance of reforming our domestic violence laws.

The Sun reports that Edward Mark Olsen allegedly  poured gasoline over his ex-girlfriend and 12-year old son— while they lay sleeping. As is often the case in the worst domestic violence attacks, Olsen had a history of domestic abuse. The bill we are working on for the 2010 legislative session helps keep repeat offenders like Olsen off the streets.

From our proposed legislation: Score Prior Misdemeanor Domestic Violence History

The scoring of a certain class of domestic violence misdemeanor offenses is modeled after the scoring of misdemeanors for felony traffic offenses and car thieves…
…The scoring of domestic violence misdemeanors would accomplish a critical step in sentencing repeat domestic violence offenders by officially recognizing hard fought misdemeanor domestic violence convictions. 

To follow the progress of our domestic violence bill, be sure to join our Facebook group, Protect Washington State Domestic Violence Victims Now.

Helen Gaia Thomas