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Jun 28 2011
A police offficer in Everett has opened a soccer camp to help keep kids away from gangs in the summer.
May 31 2011
Editors ask, "Why should businesses in Washington be concerned about gangs? And, what can employers do to curb the disturbing trend of young children being recruited into gangs?"
May 24 2011
The gang problem is "big and getting bigger" according to Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, who last week spoke with Comcast's Sabrina Register.
Apr 12 2011
KUOW is in the middle of a week-long series on gang violence (links include audio).
Mar 17 2011
Unfortunately, a series of new gang crimes are in the news this week.
Mar 08 2011
Yesterday's Tri-City Herald editorial includes numbers that underscore the importance of tackling the state's public safety emergency.
Mar 07 2011
The Tri-City Herald reports that Attorney General Rob McKenna realized the severity of Washington’s mounting gang problem in 2005. McKenna discussed his awareness at a Richland Rotary Club meeting earlier this month:
Feb 23 2011
Yakama Nation member: "We need something to help us to remain safe in our town" As the Legislature continues to consider a bill to reduce gang violence, consider the words of those most impacted by the issue. On Jan. 19, community activists, parents who’ve lost children, officers who police gang-plagued cities, public officials and others came to Olympia to speak out. They pleaded with the House Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee, urging them to pass HB 1126.
Feb 14 2011
From the TVW synopsis: "Anti-gang legislation is stirring debate over public safety and civil rights. Host Austin Jenkins interviews Attorney General Rob McKenna, and hosts a panel discussion with an ACLU representative, a police officer, and an ex-gang member."
Feb 09 2011
On Friday, KCTS aired an thorough program about gang violence. An important, yet disturbing, bit of information was revealed: Washington state is tied for fourth place among states with the most drive-by shootings.