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When President Obama proclaimed January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, he explained that: “we are working to protect victims of human trafficking with effective services and support, prosecute traffickers through consistent enforcement, and prevent human rights abuses by furthering public awareness and addressing the root causes of modern slavery. The steadfast defense of human rights is an essential part of our national identity, and as long as individuals suffer the violence of slavery and human trafficking, we must continue the fight.”

Attorney General Rob McKenna agreed saying: “I applaud President Obama’s effort to bring this issue to the forefront in the minds of Americans. ‪Human trafficking is a $32 billion global industry, the fastest growing and second largest criminal activity in the world, tied with arms and after drug dealing. Yet for many this heinous crime lurks in the shadows. It’s time to bring it out into the light, to bring hope and resources to victims and to bring justice to traffickers and those who buy victims from them.”

StopSexTraffickingOn January 11, in honor of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, The Body Shop  (alongside campaign partners ECPAT USA and The Somaly Mam Foundation) will hand AG McKenna the petition signatures of more than 720,000 U.S. citizens calling for protection of victims of child sex trafficking.

As the President of the National Association of Attorneys General, AG McKenna has made combating human trafficking the subject of his presidential initiative. Pillars of Hope: Attorneys General Unite Against Human Trafficking focuses on four “pillars” or goals in the fight against human trafficking:

1. Make the Case
2. Prosecute Traffickers
3. Rescue Victims
4. Public Awareness and Issue Advocacy

- Sarah Lane -