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Bob Ferguson

Oct 17 2012
Speaking today at the Clinton Global Initiative, President Obama announced “major actions to fight human trafficking at home and abroad.”
Aug 09 2012
Polaris Project, one of the top national organizations confronting modern day slavery, Tuesday announced the launch of its 2012 Annual Ratings Map on state human trafficking laws.
Aug 01 2012
Two recent arrests offer a sobering reminder of what’s at stake in the fight over so-called “adult services” advertisements.
May 22 2012
Do you believe that Backpage – the online marketplace for prostitution – is an ally in the fight against human trafficking? Imagine our surprise when we opened our copies of the Seattle Times to find Backpage attorney Liz McDougall [“Backpage.com is an ally in fight against human trafficking,” Opinion, May 7] making this jaw-dropping claim.
Mar 15 2012
The News Tribune's "Lights & Sirens" blog has one of the latest example of minors advertised on the online classified site Backpage.com.
Jan 09 2012
When President Obama proclaimed January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, he explained that: “we are working to protect victims of human trafficking with effective services and support, prosecute traffickers through consistent enforcement, and prevent human rights abuses by furthering public awareness and addressing the root causes of modern slavery. The steadfast defense of human rights is an essential part of our national identity, and as long as individuals suffer the violence of slavery and human trafficking, we must continue the fight.”