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Bob Ferguson

Sep 20 2010
The Columbian has an editorial today about the case Attorney General McKenna will argue before 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday.  
Jun 25 2010
In his  concurrence  in Doe v. Reed,  Justice Scalia  powerfully opined on the question of hiding initiative or referenda signatures from public view: There are laws against threats and intimidation; and harsh criticism, short of unlawful action, is a price our people have traditionally been willing to pay for self
Jun 24 2010
AG McKenna and Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed held an impromptu news conference this morning to discuss the case and answer questions from reporters. We've posted the audio here.
Jun 18 2010
We're all eagerly awaiting the US Supreme Court’s decision this month in Doe v. Reed, the case challenging the constitutionality of Washington’s public records law as applied to petitions for referenda and initiatives. But this week, a different panel of Supreme Court experts recognized the Washington Solicitor General's Office for its work in this case with the prestigious “Best Brief” award from the National Association of Attorneys General.
Apr 27 2010
If you're overwhelmed by the the idea of poring through all those briefs on the Secretary of State's site as previously suggested, we've developed a Cliff's Notes backgrounder to help you. Or simply check out some of the recent news stories and editorials on the case...
Jan 11 2010
On Tuesday the 9th Circuit ruled to restore voting rights to felons on a finding of racial discrimination in Washington’s criminal justice system. The decision garnered editorial attention all across the state, and even an entry in The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog.
Jan 07 2010
Yesterday, Attorney General Rob McKenna told reporters he will appeal a Ninth Circuit Court ruling that would give felons the right to vote.  Secretary of State joined the conference by phone to offer his support.