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Jun 12 2015



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BobDear Friends,

May was a very busy month at the Attorney General’s Office, especially for my antitrust and consumer protection teams.

My Antitrust team recovered $63 million dollars for consumers in our case against Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp and other players in the global LCD “price-fixing” conspiracy.  Our consumer protection team joined a national crackdown on scam charities that were stealing millions of dollars in donations meant for cancer patients. 
Also, with the recent passage of my community safety legislation, we now have a stronger Sexually Violent Predator law.

Thank you for following the work of the Attorney General’s Office.



Bob Ferguson
Washington State Attorney General


I’m proud of the workhttps://gallery.mailchimp.com/28a64d02479d9d79402df2b20/images/74b36c9e-603d-4b72-938b-4ea8dc4fe14b.jpg we do to stand up for and defend the will of Washington voters.  Most recently, we successfully defended Initiative 594 against a federal court challenge.  In November, voters approved I-594 to expand the state’s firearm background check requirements.  Opponents soon filed a lawsuit in federal court (Northwest School of Safety v. Ferguson) claiming the new law is unconstitutional. 

My office asked the Court to dismiss the case because the plaintiffs lack legal standing to challenge the law.  U.S. District Court Judge Benjamin Settle agreed.


Protecting children from recreational marijuana

https://gallery.mailchimp.com/28a64d02479d9d79402df2b20/images/eeb3f19f-f5a7-4fd9-a48b-9ca6ed423ecf.jpgProtecting the health and safety of children is the most critical component of recreational marijuana regulation in our state. I recently submitted my recommendations to the state Liquor Control Board, calling for the regulation of all forms of marijuana that can appeal to kids, such as sweetened and flavored products.  This letter urges the Board to regulate not just marijuana-infused products that can appeal to kids, but also flavored usable marijuana and concentrates with the same potential.  As my office continues to provide state leadership on this issue, protecting children will remain a key focus of our efforts. 

AG awards Korean Women’s Association $50,000 for consumer education

https://gallery.mailchimp.com/28a64d02479d9d79402df2b20/images/3d04a8bd-5861-4b62-87ff-7001778aaad9.jpgThe Attorney General’s Office recently awarded $50,000 to the Korean Women’s Association to help fund a fraud prevention program that will reach 40,000 seniors in Pierce, King, and Snohomish counties. 
The association is one of the largest human service agencies in Washington state.  The money will be used to fund their “Everyday Fraud Prevention” program, which educates consumers, particularly ethnically diverse seniors, about reaching out to authorities when they are victimized by fraud.  
The cy pres funds for this award were recovered from six cases that were resolved over the past several years, and were directed to consumer education programs that serve seniors. 

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