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Dear Friends,
Every day my team and I work to uphold the rights and freedoms guaranteed in our nation’s founding documents. We wish all Washingtonians a happy and safe July 4 to celebrate the birth of our democracy. We also want highlight some victories from the month of June:
  • On June 6, a federal judge rejected an attempt to block Washington’s assault weapons ban in Hartford et al v. Ferguson et al. The assault weapons ban went into effect on April 25 and multiple legal challenges began that same day. Washington is the tenth state to adopt similar legislation banning these military-style weapons, which multiple federal courts have upheld as constitutional. More information about this case here.
  • Two weeks later, in Thurston County Superior Court, a state judge rejected another attempt to block the assault weapons ban in Guardian Arms v. Inslee. Wins in both these cases continue our undefeated record against the national gun lobby. More information about that case here.
  • After all 125 eligible local governments joined resolutions, four companies will pay the state $371.8 million to increase funding for opioid remediation programs. You can look at this chart to see what local governments will receive. The new resolutions bring Washington state’s total recoveries from companies that fueled the opioid epidemic to more than $1.1 billion so far and tens millions of dollars are already flowing into the state.

GRAPHIC showing the $370 million in recoveries.

  • In June, the second round of restitution checks went out to individuals affected by misleading letters sent by a Renton-based collection agency. Convergent sent out deceptive “collection” letters that implied it could sue people for stale debt, when it could not. As a result of my office’s lawsuit, Convergent is paying back Washingtonians what they paid in response to these letters, plus interest — a total of nearly $710,000. More information here.

We will continue to seek justice and protect the health and safety of all the people in Washington State.

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Bob Ferguson
Washington State Attorney General