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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1953 NO. 142 > Oct 5 1953

According to the last census in setting up justice of the peace district means last state census.

AGO 1953 NO. 498 > Mar 23 1953

RCW 36.13.020 is not violated by the commencement of census work 11 days prior to the expiration of the three‑year waiting period required by the statute provided the census work is not completed until after the three years have expired, since the term "made" imports completion of the census enumeration.In determining whether a county has sufficient population to rate a change of classification under chapter 36.13 RCW, the State Census Board may not forego obtaining the name, age, and occupation, if any, of each person resident in the county, but rather must strictly comply with the procedure set forth in RCW 36.13.030 for taking county censuses.