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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1979 NO. 5 > Mar 21 1979

(1) Where a court, in conjunction with marriage dissolution proceedings, either by way of a temporary order or as a part of the final decree of dissolution itself, awards future payments of maintenance or child support, that order constitutes a judgment to be entered in the county clerk's execution docket pursuant to RCW 4.64.080. (2) Such an order or decree also constitutes a "judgment" which would support a petition for a writ of garnishment pursuant to RCW 7.33.010(1)(c).

AGO 1966 NO. 124 > Dec 27 1966

The registrant of a foreign judgment, under chapter 6.36 RCW, may not cause execution, or garnishment under RCW 7.32.010 (3), to issue upon the judgment so registered prior to the time that said judgment is reduced to a judgment of this state.