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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1980 NO. 2 >

The provisions of RCW 9A.04.050, under which children under eight years of age are incapable of committing a crime and children between eight and twelve years of age are presumed to be incapable of committing a crime, do not apply in a proceeding in juvenile court under chapter 13.40 RCW to have such child adjudged a "juvenile offender" as defined in RCW 13.40.020(11).

AGO 1972 NO. 6 >

It is not lawful for an "agency" as defined in RCW 74.15.020 to receive and care for a child found by a juvenile court to be delinquent or dependent without being licensed by the department of social and health services in accordance with chapter 172, Laws of 1967 (chapter 74.15 RCW), notwithstanding that the child is placed with such an unlicensed agency pursuant to an order of the court entered under RCW 13.04.095.

AGO 1975 NO. 14 >

Except where covered by a juvenile court order under § 1, chapter 170, Laws of 1975, 1st Ex. Sess., in the case of a juvenile in the custody of the department of social and health services who was not yet 18 when that law became effective, a juvenile who has been adjudged to be a delinquent child under RCW 13.04.010, et seq., and has therefore been committed by the juvenile court under RCW 13.04.095, may not, in view of In re Carson , 84 Wn.2d 969 (1975), continue to be held in custody solely on that basis after attaining the age of 18 years.

AGLO 1980 NO. 19 >

A prosecuting attorney who is in possession of records or other documentary evidence relating to an alleged offense by a juvenile to which chapter 13.50 RCW applies may not, on that basis, release those records or documents to an attorney representing the local school district, one of whose schools the juvenile in question is attending.

AGO 1972 NO. 26 >

A juvenile court is required by RCW 13.04.120 to forward to the department of motor vehicles the record of its handling and disposition of all juvenile traffic violation cases coming before such court.