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Bob Ferguson

AGO 2003 NO. 6 >

RCW 38.40.060, which provides fifteen days of military leave for state officers and employees who are subject to military duty, does not apply to elected officials, who are entitled to extended leave for military duty under RCW 73.16.041.

AGLO 1975 NO. 10 >

Although a city which has established a department of a district justice court under chapter 3.46 RCW is required by RCW 3.46.090 to pay all or a portion of the district judge's salary, such city is not required to pay any portion of the county's terminal leave benefits to the judge upon his retirement.

AGO 1967 NO. 24 >

(1) Under the provisions of RCW 28.58.100 (15), a school district employee does not accumulate sick leave while on a sabbatical leave or a leave of absence unless the particular school district has made provision to the contrary in its regulation governing sick leave. (2a) When a school district employee is granted a sabbatical leave or a leave of absence, he retains such sick leave benefits as he had accumulated prior to his departure so long as he returns to the district at the end of the period of his authorized leave. (2b) When a school district employee severs his employment relationship, as through retirement or separation, he has no right to be recredited with sick leave accumulated prior to his retirement or separation unless the school district has adopted a rule or regulation providing for such recrediting. (3) When a school district employee, upon completion of an authorized period on sabbatical leave or leave of absence, transfers employment from the school district which granted him the leave to another school district within the state, he retains the same accumulated sick leave benefits that he had in his previous position to the extent provided for in RCW 28.67.076; however, where a school district employee has retired or otherwise separated from employment with one school district and at some later time enters the employment of another school district, under circumstances which cannot be characterized as a transfer of employment from one school district to another, he does not retain the sick leave benefits which he had accumulated in his previous position.

AGO 1957 NO. 49 >

It is within the discretion of the directors of first class school districts to grant a leave of absence or contract in the future with a teacher.

AGO 1959 NO. 76 >

(1)  A National Guardsman or other reserve member who attends a 15-day training period which begins and ends on a Saturday should be charged with 12 days military leave of absence. (2)  The remaining 3 days of military leave can be applied to various active training periods throughout the year rather than the annual active duty for training period. (3)  Military leave of absence may be granted to public employees for active training duty regardless of what the nature of the training might be.

AGO 1962 NO. 146 >

(1) A member of the 37th legislature may accept an office or employment covered by the state civil service law provided the position is not a public office created by the 37th legislature or a public office the emoluments of which were increased by the 37th legislature provided the office is not incompatible with the office of a legislator or creates a conflict of interest. (2) A state employee or officer covered by the state civil service law may not engage in the management of partisan political campaigns, including his own, unless the campaign be one for a part-time public office in a political subdivision of the state.  Resignation or termination must precede engagement in the management of a campaign for legislative office. (3) A state employee who resigns his civil service position would be eligible for reinstatement provided he meets the requirements set forth in the merit system rule.