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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1963 NO. 34 >

A city or town may not by ordinance limit or restrict the issuance of a permit for the manufacture, importation, exportation, possession, sale, use or discharge of fireworks to charitable and public service groups.  The governing authority of the city or town must consider each application for a permit and then exercise its discretion in denying or granting same.

AGO 1961 NO. 39 >

Under the provisions of chapter 27, Laws of 1961, boards of county commissioners may adopt such provisions of chapter 19.28 RCW as are necessary for the regulation and control of the installation of electrical wires, equipment, apparatus or appliances, including any rules or regulations relating to such installation as are presently promulgated by the department of labor and industries.

AGO 1966 NO. 100 >

A city or town may enact an ordinance requiring an insurance agent licensed by the state insurance commissioner to obtain a local license prior to soliciting door-to-door within its territorial limits.