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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1954 NO. 312 >

1. RCW 36.17.020 (1953 Supp.), allowing "ten dollars per diem for expenses to commissioners in counties of the sixth, seventh, and eighth classes, does not repeal or amend RCW 36.17.030, allowing mileage, subsistence and lodging to county officers.  2. The "ten dollars per diem for expenses" authorized for commissioners in sixth, seventh, and eighth class counties by RCW 36.17.020 (1953 Supp.) is a limitation upon non-travel [[nontravel]] expenses of those commissioners; such expenses may be incurred, up to a maximum of ten dollars, on any day in which any portion of the commissioner's time is devoted to county business.  3. Commissioners in the counties affected have been entitled to such expenses since the effective date of RCW 36.17.020 (1953 Supp.) (midnight, June 10th, 1953) even though they were already in office on that date.