Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1978 NO. 6 >

The state building code, as set forth in chapter 19.27 RCW, does not apply to the construction of buildings in Adams County by the Bonneville Power Administration, a federal agency.

AGO 1992 NO. 17 >

1.  RCW 19.27.097 provides that an applicant for a building permit must provide evidence of an adequate supply of potable water.  The authority to make this determination is the local agency that issues building permits.  2.  The Legislature has authorized the Board of Health to establish, and the Department of Health to enforce, a comprehensive regulatory scheme for public water systems. In determining whether water to be supplied from a public water system constitutes an adequate water supply for purposes of RCW 19.27.097, the local agency issuing building permits must apply the standards set by the Board of Health.  3.  If water is not supplied from a public water system, the local agency issuing building permits has more discretion to determine if the water supply is adequate for purposes of RCW 19.27.097.  At a minimum, there must be sufficient quality and quantity of water for the intended purpose of the building.

AGLO 1975 NO. 47 >

A board of county commissioners, under RCW 19.27.060(3), may not exempt a class of buildings from the operation of the entire state building code.

AGLO 1977 NO. 56 >

A city, town or county may not amend the state building code as it applies within its jurisdiction so as to require state agencies to comply with local zoning or other land use controls as a condition precedent to receiving a local building permit.