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Bob Ferguson

Posthumous Award for Service

Sergeant Bradley W. Crawford
Clark County Sheriff’s Office
On June 30, 2004, deputies from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a residence in Vancouver to investigate a domestic disturbance.  They were advised that one of the people involved was armed.  The Southwest Washington SWAT team was called in and the deputies established perimeters around the residence.  Sergeant Crawford kept watch from a side road in his patrol vehicle looking for changes in the situation.  He patiently waited with a keen sense of attention to continue the job of keeping the community safe from any further violence.  The suspect left the residence and attempted to leave the scene.  He deliberately drove his vehicle into Sergeant Crawford’s parked patrol vehicle, causing incredible damage.  Sergeant Crawford sustained massive injuries from the impact and was airlifted to a hospital in Portland.  He died later that evening of those injuries.
Officer James G. Lewis
Tacoma Police Department
Officer Lewis was responding on his police motorcycle to assist another officer in the pursuit of a homicide suspect wanted by Tacoma Police and the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force.  He was traveling with his lights and sirens activated, against traffic in the northbound lane in order to assist his fellow officers.  A vehicle from the southbound lane made a left turn in front of Officer Lewis.  His motorcycle struck the driver’s door of the vehicle and he was ejected, suffering severe injuries.  He died later at Tacoma General Hospital.

For Serious Injury

Officer Michael T. McDonald Officer Richard Pruitt
Seattle Police Department
On March 17, 2004, Officers McDonald and Pruitt responded to a shooting call at Miller Community Center.  They both knew the center was being used by the Red Cross as a temporary emergency shelter for residents from a recent apartment complex fire and were concerned for the safety of the families housed within.  Upon arrival, they located the body of the victim – the suspect’s girlfriend -- just outside the center doors.  They spotted the suspect reloading his gun and entering the center.  The officers called for the SWAT team, but were told it was not immediately available because they were on a training exercise.  Officers McDonald and Pruitt knew they couldn’t wait for back up.  The risk to the people inside the community center was too great and they knew they had to stop the suspect from harming anyone else.  In a courageous and selfless act, they entered the building.  When the suspect pointed his gun at Officer McDonald, the officer shot him.  These officers truly put themselves in harm’s way to protect innocent people and the citizens of Seattle.