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The legal process can be confusing and often intimidating. Unfortunately, the realities of military service and overseas deployments can sometimes create additional barriers to accessing our justice system.

In 2017, at the request of the Attorney General, the State Legislature passed a bill creating the Attorney General's Office of Military and Veteran Legal Assistance. The office was created for the purpose of promoting and facilitating civil legal assitance programs, pro bono services, and self-help services for military service members, veterans, and their families. Under the bill, the office has the authority to recruit and train volunteer attorneys, identify programs that provide civil legal assistance, and maintain a list of resources focusing on military service members and veterans.

As part of these ongoing efforts, below you will find the following:

Legal Service Providers & Programs

The Attorney General's Office works to keep the list above as accurate and up to date as possible. If you have questions, you may also contact the Pro Bono Manager of the Attorney General's Office of Military and Veteran Legal Assistance by using the online contact form or by calling 206-464-6431.

While the Attorney General's Office works to connect members of the public to legal assistance, state law otherwise generally prohibits the Attorney General's Office from representing private individuals in court, whether it is to bring an action on behalf of a private individual or to defend a private individual. Similarly, while the office may answer questions of a general nature, the office is not authorized to provide direct legal advice to individuals on personal matters.

Persons needing legal representation should consult a private attorney, potentially accessed through the providers and programs listed above. If you need to talk with an lawyer but do not know an attorney in your area, you may access the Washington State Bar Association's (WSBA) Lawyer Directory to search by city. WSBA's website also include information on lawyer referral services and a reduced-fee legal help program.

Legal Information Resources

Volunteer Opportunities

In collaboration with partners across Washington, the Attorney General's Office of Military and Veteran Legal Assistance is actively encouraging attorneys and other members of the legal community to volunteer their time to meet the legal needs of our military service members and veterans. If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities to help Washington's military service members and veterans, please contact the Attorney General's Pro Bono Manager, who will follow up with you to discuss the opportunities available.

As part of the Attonrey General's efforts, the Office of Military and Veterans Legal Assistance has set up the M.E.D.A.L. (Military Engagement and Directed Advocacy by Lawyers) Program. The program works to connect volunteer attorneys to qualifying military service members facing select civil legal issues. For more information about the program, including how the Office of Military and Veterans Legal Assitance will support volunteers, please see the M.E.D.A.L. Program brochure or contact the office at 206-464-6431. 


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