Washington State

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Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

Some local counties and cities in Washington have their own laws that provide additional civil rights protections within the jurisdiction. 

  • City of Seattle:  Title 14 of the Seattle Municipal Code prohibits discrimination in employment, contracting, housing, and public accommodations.  Seattle also has laws protecting rights to paid sick and safe time and that limit the use of criminal history information in employment decisions.  The Seattle Office for Civil Rights enforces these ordinances and you can find information about their complaint process here
  • City of Tacoma:  Chapter 1.29 of the Tacoma Municipal Code prohibits discrimination in employment, education, credit and insurance transactions, public accommodations, and housing.  
  • Unincorporated King County:  King County’s Office of Civil Rights investigates and resolves complaints of discrimination in violation of King County’s ordinances involving employment, housing, public accommodations, and public contracting.  Information about the complaint process is here
  • City of Spokane:  Chapter 1.06 of the Spokane Municipal Code prohibits discrimination in employment and housing.  Violations of the ordinance are punishable by a civil penalty in an amount up to $250. 
  • City of Bellevue:  The Bellevue City Code prohibits housing discrimination, including against persons who use Section 8 vouchers to pay all or part of the rent.  City of Bellevue Code Compliance Officers investigate complaints of Section 8 discrimination.  Contact information and an online complaint form can be found here
  • City of Kirkland:  The City of Kirkland Municipal Code prohibits landlords from refusing to rent to applicants solely on the basis of participation in the Section 8 voucher program.  Kirkland’s Code Enforcement Program accepts complaints.  Contact information and an online complaint form are located here
  • City of Redmond:  Chapter 6.38 of the Redmond Municipal Code makes it illegal to discriminate against Section 8 voucher participants in the rental of housing.