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Spotting Financial Exploitation: Training for Employees of Financial Institutions, Broker-Dealers & Investment Advisers

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Sample scenarios illustrating common financial exploitation schemes


Scenario 1: A senior may be swindled or defrauded into making large cash payments for bogus investments or to claim non-existent prizes or "winnings" from sweepstakes or lotteries.



Scenario 2: Someone may gain access to a senior's financial information, credit or debit card, or checkbook, and may withdraw or spend money without the senior's knowledge or permission.



Scenario 3: A senior may be intimidated or bullied into withdrawing money for another person, or allowing that person to use credit cards or checks.



Scenario 4: A companion, caregiver or other person may take advantage of a senior's confusion to gain control of the senior's financial affairs and to gain access to the senior's cash and other assets.


The Washington State Attorney General's Office is grateful to the Oregon Department of Human Services, the Oregon Attorney General's Office and the Oregon Bankers Association for making these excellent video clips available.