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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1967 NO. 27 >

(1) The salary improvements contemplated by the appropriation contained in chapter 143, Laws of 1967, Ex. Sess., for salary improvements for school district employees are not to be limited to only those personnel employed by a school district in 1966-67 who return to the same district for the 196768 school year. (2) The phrase "average level for 1966-67," as used in the appropriation act, refers to the average level for each school district and not to the state wide [[statewide]] average salary level. (3) In determining the average salary level for 1966-67 for a given school district, for purposes of providing salary improvements in accordance with the appropriation act, the district may, but is not required to, calculate separate averages for various classes or categories of school employees. (4) Both the seven percent factor and the five percent factor contained in the appropriation act are to be applied against the "average level for 1966-67." (5) Where a school district provides an average salary improvement of more than seven percent during 1967-68, it need not add an additional five percent for 1968-69, so long as the average level for 1968-69 is at least twelve percent in excess of the 1966-67 average. (6) All that is contemplated by the appropriation act is that school districts shall provide salary improvements for all district personnel in average amounts of seven percent in 1967-68, and an additional five percent in 1968-69, over the average level for 1966-67 (exclusive of adjustments made pursuant to chapter 4, Laws of 1967); therefore, ordinary annual increment raises provided by a given district remain an appropriate subject for local negotiation and may or may not be granted in addition to the salary improvements funded by the appropriation.