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AGO 1957 NO. 117 >

Any disease, including poliomyelitis, contracted by a fireman in connection with the performance of his duties as a member of the fire department would entitle him to a disability pension.  The burden of establishing a right to pension ordinarily rests on the claimant.  The pension board in passing upon and allowing or disallowing a fireman's claim for pension, bases its decision on a determination of fact.  Before disposing of any claim adversely to the claimant such a board must accord the claimant an opportunity to be heard and to present testimony in support of his claim.

AGO 1954 NO. 256 >

RCW 18.85.310 1953 Supp. applies to licensed real estate brokers and does not include closing companies or individuals, such as title insurance companies, banks, trust companies, attorneys or other qualified agencies. Copies of papers, including closing statement, must be given to the parties signing same and also kept by broker even though funds are not handled by broker.