Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1967 NO. 15 >

(1) The requirement of chapter 39.12 RCW that "the prevailing rate of wage" be paid to laborers, workmen or mechanics upon all public works of the state, or any county, municipality or political subdivision, is applicable to labor performed in off-the job site prefabrication by employees of the prime contractor, subcontractors, or other persons doing or contracting to do the whole or any part of the work contemplated by the contract -provided that the prefabricated "item or member" is produced specially for the particular public works project and not merely as a standard item for sale on the general market. (2) All determinations of the prevailing rate of wage shall be made by the industrial statistician of the department of labor and industries. (3) The standards to be used in determining the prevailing rate of wage are set forth in full in RCW 39.12.010.