Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1985 NO. 4 > Jan 30 1985

It is not clearly a violation of the Washington Open Public Meetings Act for the board of regents of a state university to consider, and by duly adopted motion fix, the salary of its president in an executive session; the legislature, however, may amend the law in various ways to deal with the matter.

AGO 1967 NO. 17 > May 8 1967

A member of a local school district board of directors may be nominated for the position of community college district trustee under the community college act of 1967, chapter 8, Laws of 1967, Ex. Sess.; however, if he is appointed to the board of trustees of a community college district he can no longer thereafter serve as a school director.

AGLO 1973 NO. 30 > Feb 26 1973

Constitutionality of § 3 of House Bill No. 234 (1973) for tuition waiver for employees of state colleges and universities.

AGO 1965 NO. 30 > Aug 12 1965

Members of the boards of trustees of the state colleges are entitled to reimbursement for expenses incurred in attending board meetings (RCW 43.03.050, RCW 43.03.060); however, the legislature has not authorized the board to establish in addition thereto, payment of compensation to board members for attendance at board meetings.

AGO 1961 NO. 32 > May 29 1961

Under section 5, Initiative No. 207 (§ 5, chapter 1, Laws of 1960) the personnel committee of each institution of higher learning is to consist of three members of its governing body.

AGLO 1975 NO. 42 > Apr 22 1975

House Bill No. 1145, which proposes to restrict the authority of the governing bodies of the several state colleges, universities and community colleges to expend revenues derived from service and activities fees, would not be violative of Article XIII, § 1 of the state constitution.