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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1954 NO. 245 >

1.  City manager appoints the police chief under a council-manager form of government.  2.  City manager appoints police chief subject to statutory procedure set forth in RCW 41.12.010 et seq .  3.  Eligible appointee not restricted by present police force or outsiders but subject to eligible list submitted by civil service commission.

AGO 1950 NO. 396 >

Council-manager form effective when new councilmen take office; incumbent mayor holds office only until appointment of mayor under new plan‑- temporary manager may be appointed‑-emergency budget ordinance proper for payment of manager's salary‑-minutes of executive session need not be public‑-petitions for abandonment of plan governed by law regulating petitions for adopting it‑-city manager authorized to appoint library and park board members.