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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1976 NO. 23 >

(1) In the absence of authorization by the commission for vocational education under chapter 174, Laws of 1975, 1st Ex. Sess. (chapter 28C.04 RCW), a school district which has a vocational-technical institute may not offer and conduct any of the vocational training programs of that institute at locations which are physically situated outside of the geographic boundaries of the school district.   (2) The commission for vocational education, in defining a "service area" for a common school vocational-technical institute in accordance with RCW 28C.04.020(6), may include therein certain geographic areas not physically situated within the boundaries of the school district involved and, by so doing, empower that district to establish, maintain and operate vocational training programs at locations outside of the district's boundaries but within the service area thus defined.   (3) The commission for vocational education, in establishing service areas for vocational-technical institutes under RCW 28C.04.020(6), is not required at the time of doing so to consider and apply the criteria specified in RCW 28C.04.040(2) for the adjudication of disputes between secondary and postsecondary education systems.