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Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1965 NO. 7 >

In a county in which federal forest funds or public utility district funds are disbursed to the school districts of the county, the offices of county commissioner and school district director are incompatible.

AGO 1969 NO. 7 >

(1) The supreme court's adoption of the new juvenile court rules does constitute a "nondebatable" emergency so as to justify the expenditure of those county funds which are necessary to implement, and comply with, the rules, under authority of RCW 36.40.180. (2) The duties which are imposed upon a prosecuting attorney by the new juvenile court rules are such as to render his office and that of the county juvenile probation officer incompatible, to the end that the two positions may not simultaneously be held by the same person.

AGO 1959 NO. 11 >

The office of county commissioner is not incompatible with the elective position as member of county board of education.

AGO 1968 NO. 16 >

(1) A fire protection district which has both full time, paid firemen and volunteer firemen in its fire service may provide civil service coverage for its full time, paid firemen under the provisions of RCW 52.36.060. (2) A fire protection district which determines to provide civil service coverage for its full time, paid firemen under RCW 52.36.060, is thereby governed by all the provisions of chapter 41.08 RCW to the same extent as a city or town. (3) Members of a board of fire commissioners of a fire protection district which establishes a civil service system for its full time paid firemen under RCW 52.36.060 may not simultaneously serve as members of the civil service commission.

AGO 1983 NO. 17 >

Exercising the authority granted to it by RCW 39.84.040 a municipality, in creating a public corporation in connection with the issuance of industrial development revenue bonds under chapter 39.84 RCW, may provide in the ordinance establishing the corporation that one or more positions on its board of directors shall be filled by a member (or members) of its governing body serving ex officio; however, if the number of members of the governing body who are to serve, ex officio, on the board of directors of corporations is less than the total number of members of the governing body, the ordinance should also, itself, state the criteria for determining which members of the governing body are also to serve as directors of the corporation.

AGO 1973 NO. 24 >

The members of a board of county commissioners, during the remainder of the terms of office they were serving on the effective date of the salary increases granted by the legislature in chapter 88, Laws of 1973, 1st Ex. Sess., may receive those legislatively granted increases; they may not, however, constitutionally receive mid-term increases in such health care benefits as they have provided for themselves and other county officers and employees under the provisions of RCW 41.04.180.

AGO 1957 NO. 50 >

(1) A court commissioner need not be a lawyer.  (2) The positions of court commissioner and chief probation officer are incompatible.  (3) A court commissioner is authorized to hear and determine all matters properly within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

AGO 1957 NO. 90 >

The offices of county commissioner and mayor of a third class city are incompatible.

AGLO 1973 NO. 90 >

The offices of county treasurer and district court judge are incompatible public offices.

AGO 1962 NO. 162 >

A member of a fire department which is furnishing fire protection to a fire protection district may not simultaneously be a commissioner of the district since the two public offices are incompatible.