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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1975 NO. 24 >

(1) Nothing contained in chapter 19.68 RCW or in any other state statute prohibits a licensed physician from owning part or all of a nursing home in which he is responsible for any patient care.  (2) Because of RCW 19.68.010, a physician is not entitled to receive a financial benefit from the services or goods furnished to patients of a nursing home or other institution for patient care in which the physician holds some ownership interest when the physician prescribes the services or goods that such institution furnishes to the patient or when the physician refers the patient to the institution.

AGO 1955 NO. 39 >

A county may maintain and operate a nursing home, and for such purpose may make appropriations and levy taxes therefor.A county may maintain and operate a nursing home, and where it does shall make budget provisions and levy taxes therefor and is authorized to make emergency expenditures where subsequent to the adoption of the budget the state fire marshal, pursuant to statutory authority, ordered repairs or improvements necessary for its continued operation which could not reasonably have been foreseen at time of making the budget.