Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1972 NO. 7 >

The contents of political advertising as regulated by statute; the placement of campaign signs to be used in partisan political races; and participation by state or local governmental employees in both partisan and nonpartisan political campaigns, including the holding of political party offices.

AGO 1973 NO. 12 >

RCW 29.18.140, which previously required the filing of certain reports of campaign contributions and expenditures made or incurred in connection with a campaign for nomination at a partisan election, has been repealed by § 50 of Initiative No. 276 (chapter 1, Laws of 1973); however, the provisions of RCW 29.85.270 which require all political advertising to be identified as to its sponsorship and the political party of the candidate (if any) remains in effect notwithstanding its apparent repeal by § 20 of Referendum Bill No. 25 because that referendum bill was totally repealed by § 50 of Initiative No. 276 before § 20 thereof had become effective.

AGO 1955 NO. 157 >

Chapter 317, Laws of 1955, which prohibits anonymous political advertisements, includes advertising pertaining to state measures such as initiatives, referendums and proposed constitutional amendments, as well as local propositions such as excess tax levies or bond issues.