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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1981 NO. 14 >

(1) Section 5, chapter 259, Laws of 1981, does not withdraw any of the preexisting authority of cities or towns to enact ordinances to eliminate discrimination or create city human rights agencies.(2) To the extent that § 5, chapter 259, Laws of 1981, does grant additional powers, however, it applies only to first-class cities with a population of over 125,000 inhabitants.(3) The cities thus specified in § 5, chapter 259, supra, are authorized to provide administrative remedies consistent with those in the state law against discrimination, RCW 49.60.250, 49.60.260 and 49.60.270.  (4) The word "prescribed" in § 5, chapter 259, Laws of 1981, should be interpreted as "proscribed."