Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGLO 1973 NO. 9 >

(1) Section 24 (1) (e) of Initiative No. 276 is applicable to the prosecuting attorney of a county with respect to his preparation of legislation for his county. (2) In order to comply with the reporting requirements of § 24 (1) (f) of Initiative No. 276, in the case of a prosecuting attorney, it will be sufficient simply to include that during the reporting period the individual performed the duties and functions of prosecuting attorney of his county in return for his statutory compensation. (3) Section 26 (1) of Initiative No. 276 requires each county to adopt rules governing the availability for public inspection and copying of its public records.

AGO 1976 NO. 22 >

(1) A person who, on January 1, 1977, is serving in one of the appointive positions covered by RCW 42.17.240, as amended by Referendum No. 36, will be required to file a financial disclosure report pursuant to that statute even though such person resigns from his office at sometime between that date and January 31, 1977.  (2) Such financial disclosure reports as are first required to be filed by persons holding appointive offices under RCW 42.17.240, as amended, during January, 1977, will not be required to include otherwise reportable transactions occurring before the effective date (December 2, 1976) of Referendum Bill No. 36.