Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1966 NO. 106 >

(1) When a city of the first class which is presently contained within a single first class school district extends its territorial boundaries by annexing unincorporated territory outside its corporate limits‑-which territory is part of a second class school district operating elementary schools on several sites, a junior high school and a senior high school‑-it is not mandatory, under RCW 28.57.150, that the territory of the second class district be annexed to the city school district. (2) Same :  Under the facts set forth in (1), the county committee on school district organization may not, in the exercise of its discretion under RCW 28.57.150, annex the territory to the school district containing the city‑-such discretion having been removed by amendment during the 1965 legislature. See, § 1, chapter 108, Laws of 1965, Ex. Sess. (3) Same :  Under the facts set forth in (1), the residents of the territory annexed to the first class city may not require the territory to be annexed to the school district containing the city.