Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1954 NO. 253 >

1.  A city may employ, on a regular basis, an employee whose salary was not specifically budgeted for, if the total salaries item in the budget is sufficient to cover it.  2.  An employee working regular hours for part of a year may be properly paid from the lump sum appropriation item designated "extra help."  3.  One salaried position specifically designated in the budget may be discontinued and the funds thereby saved transferred to the item budgeted for "extra help."  4.  Cities may, by emergency appropriation, provide additional funds for salaries and wages to cover a deficiency in the overall classification for salaries and wages of a particular department.  5.  Under the ordinance of the city of Olympia the mayor's control of the garbage department is subject to the action of the commission as a whole.