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Bob Ferguson

AGO 2011 NO. 1 >

RCW 46.61.440(3), which requires doubling the monetary penalties in a school or play-ground speed zone, applies to infractions committed in violation of both RCW 46.61.440(1) and RCW 46.61.440(2).

AGO 1989 NO. 17 >

1.School districts may lease surplus school district property to public or private entities on the condition that the leased property be used for an adolescent health care clinic, where the board of directors finds that such a use is compatible with the district's other uses for its property and where the clinic is not, directly or indirectly, operated or controlled by the school district itself (see AGO 1988 No. 2).2.School districts may lawfully refer students to adolescent health care clinics, whether located on school premises or elsewhere, and may distribute parental consent forms to students describing the services of the clinics. 3.A school district has no authority to advertise or promote the services of an adolescent health care clinic located on school district property; school districts may distribute information about such a clinic to students, parents, and/or district employees without "advertising" them in the ordinary sense of the word.4.An adolescent health care clinic located on school district property is free to promote or advertise its services in any lawful manner, depending on the nature of the entity operating the clinic.

AGO 1991 NO. 34 >

1.  A school district has the authority to purchase real estate not needed for immediate or future school purposes in order to eliminate a potential health risk and liability stemming from the property.  2.  In purchasing the property a district cannot pay more than the fair market value of the property, unless the district is receiving additional consideration, e.g., seller will provide something in addition to the title to the property such as demolishing structures on the property.  3.  A district may accept donations designated to pay the difference between the appraisal price of the property and the selling price.